"Unite And Conquer" by IMMORTAL GUARDIAN (Album Review)


"Unite And Conquer" by IMMORTAL GUARDIAN, a band known for their technical prowess and genre-blending experiments; Expands the horizons of progressive power metal can be. The album weaves a complex tapestry of sound, showcasing Gabriel Guardian's dual mastery of guitars and keyboards, Carlos Zema's versatile vocal range, Justin Piedimonte's thunderous drumming, and Joshua Lopez's robust bass lines, with notable guest vocals from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist) adding depth to the narrative.

The album kicks off with "Ozona", a track that sets a high bar with its whirlwind of riffs and soaring vocals, encapsulating the band's knack for fusing melody with muscle. "Echoes" follows suit, offering a blend of intricate guitar work and precision drumming that create a soundscape both vast and intimate. The third track, "Roots Run Deep", featuring Ralf Scheepers, stands out with its epic chorus and stellar vocal interplay, showcasing the band's ability to meld power metal grandeur with emotional depth. "Perfect Person" and "Divided We Fall" are well arranged and expertly performed. The sixth track, "Lost in the Darkness", featuring Vicky Psarakis, hits hard with its haunting melody and intense delivery, illustrating the band's skillful handling of mood and texture.

"Southern Rain" shifts gears, introducing a more introspective side of the band. The title track, "Unite and Conquer", serves as a thematic centerpiece, encapsulating the album's message of resilience and unity with a rousing chorus and robust instrumentation. "Un Dia A La Vez" surprises with its sophisticated lyrics and rhythmic diversity, showcasing the band's versatility. The closing track, "Rise of the Phoenix", is a fitting conclusion, encapsulating the album's themes of rebirth and perseverance with a blend of fiery riffs and anthemic vocals.

"Unite And Conquer" is a rollercoaster of an album that showcases IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's technical skill and compositional creativity. While some tracks may tread familiar ground, the album as a whole is a testament to the band's ambition and musical prowess. It's a journey through various emotional and sonic landscapes that will likely resonate with fans of progressive and power metal.

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