NERVOSA’s “Jailbreak” Is a Relentless Thrash Metal Manifesto (Album Review) 


In a world where thrash metal has faced waves of evolution and diverse sonic landscapes, NERVOSA stands as a firm testament to the genre's unyielding spirit. The band returns with their fifth studio album, "Jailbreak," via Napalm Records, unleashing a sonic beast that pays homage to the genre's roots while exploring new territories.

"Jailbreak" kicks off with “Endless Ambition,” setting the stage with ferocious riffs and rhythmic complexity. The track showcases the band's unwavering energy and commitment to delivering brutal sonic landscapes, marking a promising start to the album. The journey continues with “Suffocare” and “Ungrateful,” with each track offering a relentless blend of thrashing guitars, dynamic drumming, and fierce vocals.

“Seed of Death” stands out with its epic instrumentals and lyrics, The brutality and introspection in this track demonstrates NERVOSA's ability to blend aggression with depth, capturing the listener’s mind as well as their senses.

The title track “Jailbreak” serves as the album's cornerstone, showcasing the band’s versatility and compositional prowess. It’s a relentless assault of thrash metal that pushes boundaries while remaining true to its roots.

"Sacrifice" exhibit NERVOSA’s refined sound. This tracks pulsating beats and ruthless riffs exemplify the band’s ability to blend melody with mayhem, creating an immersive soundscape.

"Behind The Wall" & “Kill Or DieThese tracks are a relentless assault on the senses, showcasing the band’s ability to craft thrash anthems that are as visceral as they are vehement.

The album is sprinkled with collaborations that elevate its sonic impact. “When The Truth Is A Lie” features the legendary Gary Holt (Slayer), whose guitar work complements NERVOSA’s sound, creating a symphony of controlled chaos. Meanwhile, “Superstition Failed” sees Lena Scissorhands (Infected Rain) lending her unique voice, adding a new dimension to the band’s sound and expanding the album’s sonic palette.

"Gates To The Fall" & “Elements Of Sin” - These tracks delve deeper into the darker realms of thrash metal, exhibiting the band’s mastery over their genre and their ability to create compelling narratives through their music.

"Nail The Coffin"  The album concludes on a high note, leaving the listener yearning for more. This final track is a fitting end to a sonic journey that is as tumultuous as it is triumphant.

NERVOSA's "Jailbreak" is a brutal celebration of thrash metal's essence, blending traditional elements with innovative twists. The album showcases a band that’s not afraid to evolve while paying homage to their roots. The new lineup brings a renewed energy and diversity to the band's sound, promising a bright future for these thrash metal frontrunners.

"Jailbreak" is a relentless, fierce, and philosophically rich addition to NERVOSA’s discography. It’s a testament to their ability to craft thrash metal anthems that are both aggressive and thoughtful. Whether you’re a seasoned thrash metal veteran or a newcomer to the genre, "Jailbreak" is a must-listen, a relentless ride through the depths of human experience and the highs of musical brutality. "Jailbreak" is not just an album; it's a statement, a manifesto of thrash metal’s enduring spirit and NERVOSA’s unwavering commitment to the genre. This is a band that’s breaking the chains and setting the stage for a new era of thrash metal. The jailbreak has begun, and NERVOSA is leading the charge.

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"Mea Culpa" by Frozen Wreath: Is an Unsettling Yet Satisfying Plunge Into Despair. (Album Review) 


"Mea Culpa" is the harrowing second release from Hungarian atmospheric black metal band Frozen Wreath. Rooted deeply in the nihilistic ethos of '90s black metal, the album captures the spirit of genre giants like old Dimmu Borgir, …And Oceans and Catamenia. The seven-track offering from Frozen Wreath isn't just a record; it's a journey into a dark, desolate space where all hope is void.

The album tackles the theme of suicide in an almost narrative fashion, exploring it from various facets and emotions. Given the severe nature of the subject, it is one of the most unsettling albums I've ever listened to; but is likely to be an unforgettable album for anyone who ventures into its bleak landscapes.

Album Highlights:

"Az én vétkem": The album opener is a sonic force, setting the tone for what is a deeply unsettling experience. It drapes the listener in a cloak of melancholy, preparing them for the journey ahead.

"Vénülő kezek": This nearly 10-minute behemoth is perhaps the most emotionally devastating track. It employs agonizingly slow tempo changes that seem to mirror the decaying psyche.

Szabadíts meg a gonosztól: Unlike the rest of the tracks, this one brings in a modicum of pace and instrumentation that momentarily uplifts the atmosphere, perhaps signifying the internal battle of the tormented soul it aims to depict.

Búcsúlevél: The closing track serves as an ultimate farewell, imbued with palpable despair. A remarkable end to a journey that leaves the listener as drained as it is intrigued.

Musically, Frozen Wreath remains true to the atmospheric black metal form, enveloping their piercing shrieks and guttural growls with layered synthesizers and intricate guitar work. The production complements the atmosphere with its lo-fi essence, making it feel like a relic from the second wave of black metal.

"Mea Culpa" is not for the faint-hearted. Its uncomfortable themes and ominous overtones make it one of the most unsettling yet captivating records in recent black metal history. Filosofem Records has truly released a colloquy to human agony and despair, encapsulated in 50 minutes of musical anguish. The album is currently out on CD, with digital platforms to follow suit soon. Listener discretion is strongly advised, but for those who seek to understand the darkest recesses of the human psyche, "Mea Culpa" serves as a grim yet enlightening guide.

"Mea Culpa" offers an intense and jarring emotional experience, and for fans of atmospheric black metal, it is an unsettling yet satisfying plunge into despair.

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"The Dark Tower" by Burning Witches Is a Triumph of Musical Alchemy. (Album Review) 


Burning Witches, Switzerland's high priestesses of heavy metal, are back with a vengeance, setting the world alight with their fiery new offering, "The Dark Tower." The all-female band serves an alchemical brew of fifteen tracks, blending the relentless energy of their instruments with a touch of dark mystique.

From the get-go, the album immerses the listener in a storm of energized anthems, Each track is a testament to the band's command over their art, crafting a maelstrom of fierce, unyielding soundscapes that pay homage to the golden era of heavy metal.

"Rise Of Darkness" sets a formidable tone, a serenade of clean guitars and soothing melodies with a touch of spoken word; That lulls you into a state of safety and bliss until "Unleash The Beast"  rips you from your false sense of security, weaving intricate guitar riffs and thundering drum patterns that herald the aural onslaught to follow. "Renegade" further this sonic crusade, intertwining elements of classic metal with innovative motifs, showcasing the band's ability to balance nostalgia with freshness. This is my favorite track on the album.

The aptly named "Evil Witch" casts a bewitching spell, with powerful vocals soaring above a cauldron of blistering instrumentals, enchanting listeners into a trance of headbanging ecstasy. "World On Fire"  sustain this fiery momentum, amalgamating aggressive tempos with compelling lyrical content, sparking reflections on chaos and resilience.

The album is not just a relentless assault on the senses. "Tomorrow," a mid-tempo serenade, offers a momentary reprieve, allowing a bittersweet symphony of melodies to waft through the air, narrating the tales of five empowered women at the zenith of their creative prowess. This softer interlude sets the stage for the ensuing symphonic onslaught, as the tempo escalates once again.

"House of Blood" and the title track, "The Dark Tower," showcase the band’s storytelling prowess. The tracks unfold a tale of darkness with evocative lyrics and atmospheric instrumentals building a narrative that’s as enthralling as it is menacing.

As the album progresses, the chill of "Heart of Ice" provides a contrasting yet harmonious divergence, allowing the listener to traverse through a labyrinth of emotions, only to be catapulted back into the inferno with "Arrow of Time" and “Doomed To Die.” The sonic tapestry weaves intricate patterns, drawing the listener deeper into the labyrinthine world of Burning Witches.

The final stretch of the album introduces "Into The Unknown" and "The Lost Souls," tracks teeming with existential introspection, paired with a musical composition that’s as relentless as it is contemplative. The inclusion of covers "Shot In The Dark" (Ozzy Osbourne) and "I Wanna Be Somebody" (W.A.S.P.) serves as a fitting homage, while also highlighting Burning Witches’ capacity to inject their unique flair into revered classics.

"The Dark Tower" is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane; it’s a daring leap into uncharted territories. Burning Witches have managed to encapsulate the essence of classic heavy metal while infusing it with a fresh, innovative spirit. Each track is a meticulously crafted piece of musical artistry, imbued with an energy that ensnares the soul and leaves the listener yearning for more.

In summary, "The Dark Tower" by Burning Witches is a triumph of musical alchemy. It pays homage to the legends of heavy metal while carving its own niche in the annals of the genre. The album is a rollercoaster ride through shadows and flames, leaving an indelible mark on the soul of anyone brave enough to embark on the journey. The witches have indeed conjured a spell, and the world is willingly ensnared.

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Unleashing Sonic Anarchy: A Dive into “Beyond the Veil” by Suicide Puppets (Album Review) 


Embarking on a riotous journey of sonic defiance, Suicide Puppets, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, have unleashed their explosive prowess in their latest offering, “Beyond the Veil.” With a rich history dating back to 2007, and numerous accolades including two consecutive wins at the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards, the band continues to spread their anarchic anthems, sharing stages with the likes of Dope, OTEP, and Mushroomhead.

Kicking off with an incendiary fervor, “Death Note” serves as a vehement proclamation of the band’s gritty sound. Twisty Suicide’s raw vocals intertwine with the aggressive instrumentation, This track is a declaration of controlled chaos. It not only sets the tone for rest of the album but leaves listeners clawing for more.

Maintaining the momentum, “1000 Ways to Die” is a relentless exploration of mortality, teeming with dark imagery and blistering riffs. The synergy between Steven Suicide's lead guitar and Donnie Von Gailinger's rhythm guitar creates a tumultuous soundscape, reflective of the song’s morbid theme.

“Prey” dives deeper into the abyss, oscillating between frenzied riffs and sinister melodies. Veritas Suicide’s drumming is particularly noteworthy, providing a rhythmic backbone that elevates the track to new heights of metallic euphony.

With “Everyday,” Suicide Puppets showcase their ability to blend strong song writing with mayhem. The track, adheres to the band’s aesthetic, the lyrical content combined with Johnny Suicide's Bass makes it a standout piece on the album.

Closing the album, “Sinner” is a concise yet powerful finale. The song encapsulates the band’s unapologetic ethos, with Twisty Suicide's vocals and the band’s collective instrumental prowess converging in a final act of rebellion.

“Beyond the Veil” by Suicide Puppets is a brutal and unrelenting ride through the darker realms of metal. Each track is a testament to the band’s ability to craft sonic landscapes that are as chaotic as they are captivating. The synergy among the band members, coupled with their raw energy and technical proficiency, makes this album a must-listen for any aficionado of the genre.

With their award-winning background and extensive touring experience, Suicide Puppets have managed to harness their collective influences and experiences to create a work that is both cohesive and distinctly their own. “Beyond the Veil” is not just an album; it’s a declaration of the band’s indomitable spirit and their unwavering dedication to the art of metal.

Album Drops Friday October 13th 2023


"To The Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart is A Symphony of Raw Emotion (Album Review)  


Since their inception in 2010, Los Angeles-based rock band Stitched Up Heart has been synonymous with intense emotion, raw energy, and a blend of musical styles that have captivated audiences worldwide. With the release of "To The Wolves," the band presents a heavier sound, further establishing their place in the rock and alternative metal scenes.

The album kicks off with the title track "To The Wolves," featuring Escape the Fate Singer Craig Mabbitt. This collaboration results in a powerhouse of sonic intensity, setting the tone for the entire album. The guitars roar, drums pulsate, and Mixi's vocal delivery is nothing short of captivating. The synergy between Mixi and Craig adds layers of depth and showcases the raw energy that Stitched Up Heart is renowned for.

Following is "Thunder," a track that embodies the very essence of hard rock with its pounding rhythm and electrifying guitar riffs. Mixi's voice, both fierce and melodic, carries the song through thunderous highs and intimate lows, creating a proximity that is both haunting and invigorating.

"The Hunting" brings a strait forward hard rock track, with driving rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes. The lyrical content delves deep into human emotion and struggle, further emphasized by Mixi's passionate delivery.

"Possess Me" stands out as a track that explores themes of desire and surrender. The instrumentals build a suspenseful atmosphere, allowing Mixi's vocals to shine through, revealing vulnerability and strength in equal measure.

The mid-album track "Immortal" presents a relentless energy and a proclamation of enduring strength. It's evidence to the band's ability to convey empowerment through their music, with anthemic choruses and gripping guitar solos.

"Taste For Blood" is a darker offering, The song combines the band's alternative metal roots with a sense of urgency, resulting in a track that is both aggressive and seductive.

"Conquer and Divide"  The musical arrangement is solid and lyrical content is thought provoking. The listener can defiantly interpret this song however they see fit.

The introspective "Dead Inside" delves into the realms of internal struggle and self-reflection. The combination of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics make this track a standout, revealing the depth of the band's songwriting.

"The Architect" Is Heavy! The band crafts a soundscape that is both intricate and expansive, reflecting the complexities of human experience.

"Part of Me" is a deeply personal track, exploring themes of identity and belonging. The emotive lyrics, coupled with the band's dynamic instrumentals, create a sense of longing and self-discovery.

Closing the album is "The End," a powerful finale that encapsulates the themes and musicality of the entire album. The track is a culmination of the raw emotion, musical innovation, and intensity that defines "To The Wolves."

"To The Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart is a magnificent journey through the human psyche, set against a backdrop of hard-hitting rock and alternative metal. The album is a testament to the band’s musical evolution and their ability to create music that resonates on a deeply emotional level. The synergy between Mixi’s powerful vocals and the band’s instrumental prowess makes this album a standout in their discography and a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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Beyond Shadows: Self-Titled Album Is an Existential Proclamation Screamed Into The Void (Album Review) 


If the language of metal could be translated into the syntax of the soul, Beyond Shadows' self-titled album is a masterclass in musical translation. This 10-track work of art from Gothenburg's own melodic death metal craftsmen isn't just a collection of songs; it's an existential proclamation screamed into the void.

Produced and mixed by the ever-formidable Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman, Sweden; This album is the auditory equivalent of a full-body immersion into the depths of despair and defiance. If you're a fan of At the Gates, In Flames, or Nightrage, prepare to have your expectations not just met, but violently shattered.

 “Where No Sorrow Follows” Sets the tone with haunting choral sounds and a descending chord progression, this track erupts into a fury of relentless drumming and aggressive riffing that guarantees you a one-way ticket to a headbanging paradise.

“Plight of the Hunter” doesn't just get your heart pumping—it excavates into your soul. It's a gut-wrenching exploration of humanity's inherent vices, encapsulated in an arresting tapestry of melody and discord.

“My Anger” Is a fireball of rage and breakdowns. With each snare hit and each guitar stroke, you can feel the anger resonate in your bones. It's not just music; it's a purging experience.

“My Love” It takes a certain kind of genius to craft a love song (if in fact you can call it that) that could believably sit on a melodic death metal album. The result? A touching, yet brutal dirge that's as romantic as it is vicious.

“The March Goes On” encapsulates the unstoppable force that is Beyond Shadows. An anthem for the resilient, this song is a lesson in how to pair melody with virulent intensity.

If there's a soundtrack for a descent into madness, this is it. “Cursed” combines excellent riffage with frenzied sonic booms, capturing the emotional disarray of potentially being "cursed" in life.

“Skull, Heart, Wings” A cryptic name for an equally enigmatic song. This track is a labyrinth of technical prowess and cryptic lyrics that leaves the listener yearning for more.

“Beyond Shadows” The title track is nothing short of a masterpiece. From its stinging guitar solos to its apocalyptic drumming, this is the epitome of what melodic death metal should be.

“Enlightenment Part 1 (Anguished)”
The first part of a two-song saga. It's the calm before the storm, the anguished cries of someone on the brink, and it's utterly bone-chilling.

“Enlightenment Part 2 (Extinguished)”
The album closes with an incendiary exclamation mark. It's a final, rebellious yell into the void, and it leaves the listener speechless, gasping for air and begging for more.

Beyond Shadows have created a self-titled album that doesn't just stand on the shoulders of giants—it towers over them. With its exceptional production quality, intricate musicianship, and raw, unfettered emotion, it sets a new standard for what melodic death metal can be. This isn't just an album; it's a brutal experience that should be mandatory listening for anyone who claims to love metal.

Album Drops September 29th 2023


"nie nas widzę" by VARMIA Does Not Settle For Mere Emulation (Album Review) 


VARMIA, a Polish pagan black metal band founded in 2016, does not settle for mere emulation. Instead, it unfurls its wings in a ritualistic summoning of the spirits of ancient Baltic tribes. Their fourth album, "nie nas widzę," is a magnificent effort that contributes not just to the genre of black metal, but also serves as an aural homage to their Baltic roots. Using traditional instruments like the goat horn and the tagelharpa, the album is a unique interplay between the feral intensity of black metal and the archaic resonances of Baltic folk music.

The album opens with “I” a raw, stripped down sound, immediately establishing the atmosphere. The fire crackles and the acoustic guitar sooths, as if a rite of passage is about to happen. This tracks serves as an inviting yet foreboding initiation into VARMIA's world.

"SVA" unfolds like a pagan hymn, soaked in aural layers of ominous chaos. The seven-minute run time allows the song to fully develop its themes, balancing screams and melody.

Embodying elements from several different styles of metal,"agre" takes you on an epic odyssey with its resonant riffs and guttural vocals, before delivering a haunting, layered conclusion.

The fourth track “II” serves as a brief but moving interlude, offering an ethereal, melodic moment that serves as a breather, leading into the album's second act.

"KAD SAULE DIV" Is epic in scope and ambition, this track stands out for its dynamic composition, serving as a microcosm for the entire album's journey from darkness into an almost spiritual enlightenment.

The longest track on the album, "swaixtan," is a monumental exploration of themes, teetering between aggression and melancholy, with traditional instruments adding depth and character.

“III” delivers another short piece that serves as a bridge, leading the listener into the album's final chapters.

“DIES TREMOR”  title suggests a day of trembling, and the music delivers on that promise with palpable tension and cathartic release.

“kres” holds an almost transcendental quality, shifting the energy towards an impending climax with its intricate guitar work and resounding drumming.

“IV” Seems to ponder the journey thus far, encapsulating the band's various influences in another instrumental reflective moment.

As if calling upon ancestral spirits, "DAINA 4" is a captivating experience, weaving together the myriad threads of the album's thematic tapestry.

Concluding the odyssey, "poswiat" serves as an epilogue, leaving the listener in a state of reflective calm with aggressive moments, contemplating the emotional and spiritual journey undertaken.

What VARMIA has achieved with "nie nas widzę" is a tapestry of intensity and subtlety, modernity and antiquity. They've created a soundscape that not only respects the tenets of black metal but also honors the heritage of ancient Baltic tribes through an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary instruments.

"nie nas widzę" is a monumental achievement, pushing the boundaries of what black metal can be while remaining deeply rooted in its core sensibilities. Whether you are a fan of black metal, a student of ancient cultures, or simply someone who appreciates boundary-pushing music, "nie nas widzę" by VARMIA is an album worth exploring. It demonstrates that the future of black metal lies in its ability to look backward as well as forward, to summon the old gods while forging new myths.

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"We Should Definitely Do This!" by 0%Mercury Is a Must-Listen For Anyone Yearning For Something New and Unapologetically Bold (Album Review) 


In a sonic landscape filled with formulaic tunes and predictable genre conventions; 0%Mercury has pushed through struggles and adversity to defy the odds and burst forth from the Ukrainian underground music scene like a kaleidoscopic firework. Their EP, "We Should Definitely Do This!", is a daring exploration that bends, breaks, and invents genre rules. With musical stylings that are as diverse as they are cohesive, 0%Mercury blends metal, chaotic hardcore, math rock, and a myriad of other influences into a one-of-a-kind concoction they dub "Kotik Hardcore and Rainbow Rock."

"We Should Definitely Do This!"

This title track serves as a declaration of intent—a proclamation, if you will. Thunderous riffs are interspersed with off-kilter timing that makes your heart palpitate in the best possible way. The song is a rollercoaster of intensity that invites listeners to break away from mundanity and embrace the wild ride that is life.

"Cat Lady"

This song, which may sound like an internet meme in title alone, is anything but trivial. The melodic extremes take on a surreal quality; guiding you though a sonic soundscape that showcases heavy instrumental breakdowns with ethereal harmonies. This track is absolutely solid!

"2000 Rockets"

This track is like a fireworks display in auditory form. With the chaotic hardcore elements in full display, the instrumentation is both relentless and calculated. The complex timings and changes might make it a challenging first listen for some, but the depth it offers makes it endlessly re-playable. The Track from what I can tell features a collaboration from Johnny Booth Vocalist Andrew Herman.

"Welcome To The Next Level"

This closing number is a call-to-arms for listeners to evolve and elevate themselves. With its intricate rhythms and jarring transitions, the track succeeds in capturing the essence of stepping into a new phase of life, uncertain yet thrilling. The riffs are top notch songwriting, The vocals are haunting and seductive. The arrangement is absolutely mesmerizing. This song will do for Metal what The Refused Did for Punk. I play this song on repeat and pick out something new each time!

The band's vocalist, with her "cute extreme female vocals," is nothing short of a revelation. Her ability to maneuver between growls, shrieks, and surprisingly melodic tones adds a unique layer to the already multifaceted soundscapes. It's a voice that captures the angst and fervor of youth, yet also brings a touch of nuanced emotion that many extreme vocalists fail to deliver.

Inventive, audacious, and spellbindingly unique, "We Should Definitely Do This!" is a courageous and audacious project that steps far beyond the boundaries of traditional genres. It's as if 0%Mercury has taken you by the hand and plunged you into a swirling vortex of color and sound, leaving you breathless but invigorated. With this album, the band succeeds in creating something that is both disorienting and mesmerizing—just like the chaotic beauty of life itself. I absolutely love this EP! Well done 0%Mercury Slava Ukraini!

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"Woven Into Ashes" by VINTERSEA - A Melodic Journey through Shadow and Light (Album Review) 


Woven Into Ashes | VINTERSEA

There's a somber tranquility in the misty landscapes of the Pacific Northwest that VINTERSEA, a melodic metal band hailing from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, flawlessly incorporates into their auditory tapestry. In their latest album, "Woven Into Ashes," they strike an enigmatic balance between the symphonic brilliance and the pulverizing heaviness of metal, creating an atmosphere as varied and unpredictable as their geographical muse.

The album unfurls its layers with "Unveiling Light," a crescendo of paradoxes. It begins with an almost ethereal tranquility, setting a contemplative tone that is inevitably shattered by Angelic Vocals, Guttural Roars and Blitzkrieg of Guitars. This track will draw you in with it's blast beats, soulful vocal melodies and epic guitar solo's. This track sets the stage for what's to come on this album.

I assume the next track “Devil's Churn” was named after a geological marvel in Oregon, this track is an unpredictable whirlpool of sonic might. Shifting tempos mirrors the chaos and majesty of the natural phenomenon, while the harmonic overlays serve as a soothing counterpoint. This is track is sonically brilliant and aggressive.

Taking inspiration perhaps from celestial events, "Crescent Eclipse" is nothing short of miraculous. A masterclass in progressive arrangements, it navigates through time changes and melodic turns with a sense of grandiosity that leaves the listener awe-struck.

“At The Gloaming Void” plunges the listener into relentless ambiguity. Resonant bass lines juxtapose against truculent vocals, while complex riffs punctuate the track like fleeting moments of clarity in an existential fog. I really dig the artistry on this track.

“Parallel Duality”  could be classified as a philosophical deliberation rendered in auditory form. Its dual nature can be felt in the contrasting sections: the serenity of the clean, melodic passages and the brutal honesty with blackened moments.

As melancholic as its title suggests, "Lonesome Tide" is a sea of lingering sorrow. It is a poignant exploration of solitude, as heart-rending vocals wash over the listener like waves on a desolate shore.

“Into The Horizon” is perhaps the most straightforward song on the album, yet no less impactful. With its shorter runtime, it serves as a poignant, melodic breather before the storm that follows.

As the finale, "No Tomorrow" is an journey, Clocking in at near 9 min; It is a culmination of all that precedes it. A dramatic close that captures the inescapable reality of impermanence, a metaphoric sundown on an already dim landscape.

"Woven Into Ashes" is a treasure that deftly combines the rawness of blackened metal with the finesse of progressive elements, all while wrapped in the melodic linchpin that is VINTERSEA's unique brand. Like the darkened skies of the Pacific Northwest that inspire them, this album is at times both beautiful and ominous, offering a musical journey that feels as limitless and profound as the landscapes that birthed it.

Melodic, intense, and thoughtful, "Woven Into Ashes" weaves a tapestry of emotions that is as vast and unfathomable as the band's Pacific Northwest backdrop. Truly, this is not just an album; it's an experience, a voyage through sonic landscapes that you'll want to traverse over and over again.

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"Botched Field Surgery" by Pythagoras Is a Sonic Assault That Captures The Essence Of Controlled Chaos 


Pythagoras - Botched Field Surgery

In the saturated world of death metal where many bands struggle to differentiate themselves, Pythagoras, hailing from Long Beach, CA, releases an album that refuses to be muffled in a sea of blast beats and indecipherable growls. "Botched Field Surgery" is a sonic assault that captures the essence of controlled chaos, giving the listener an experience akin to a war zone filled with philosophical quandaries.

“Machine Head Strangulation” Kicking off with an unyielding barrage of drums and distorted guitars, this track is a manifesto that screams, 'We are Pythagoras, and we're here to wreck you.' The juxtaposition of technical riffs and guttural vocals creates an eerie atmosphere of mechanical dread.

“Botched Field Surgery” The title track is a masterpiece of orchestrated violence. It ebbs and flows, punctuated by surgical guitar solos that could only be described as the aural equivalent of a scalpel incising flesh.

“The Inevitability of Death” The existential despair in the lyrics adds depth to the heaviness of the track. It offers a nihilistic reflection on mortality, channeled through relentless instrumentation.

“Baby Crusher” Clocking in at over 7 minutes,  Pythagoras shine in their dark storytelling on this track. It is repugnant, grotesque, and fascinating, with multiple tempo shifts that mirror the twists of a horror tale.

“Cipher” Is non-stop brutality, this track is one of the most aggressive tracks on the album. “Thin Out the Herd” This is pure adrenaline, a sprinting track that makes its point succinctly. “Captain 'Murica” A strong track that is well written and well performed. This track is an anthem for the disenchanted.

“Succubus” The closing number is an epic in every sense, drawing you in with its dark seduction and leaving you exhausted but longing for more.

"Botched Field Surgery" is not just an album; it's an experience that pushes the boundaries of death metal, combining technical proficiency with thematic depth. For those who dare to delve into the abyss of this album, the rewards are limitless.

The production quality is immaculate, allowing each instrument its moment of brutality while never overshadowing the human element behind the chaos. The growling vocals serve as the demonic conductor of this infernal orchestra, guiding us through each cataclysmic movement. If you think you've heard everything death metal has to offer, let "Botched Field Surgery" serve as a brutal reminder that the genre still has much to explore. 

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