Sonic Moons" By DOMKRAFT Is a Mesmerizing Journey Through Interstellar Soundscapes and Ethereal Vibrations. (Album Review)


Ah, DOMKRAFT. The Nordic trio who have mastered the art of scorching eardrums while baptizing your mind in pools of molten fuzz and cosmic haze. They're back with their fourth album, "Sonic Moons," an experience that beckons you to journey through the inner cosmos and metaphysical landscapes. Have they sold their souls to the cosmic overlords to achieve a more refined sound, or is it the natural evolution of sonic masters at work? Let's venture into the unknown.

From the get-go, "Sonic Moons" remains anchored in the sonic territory that DOMKRAFT has comfortably staked out: a chasm of mind-numbing doom that shakes the very bedrock of heavy rock. The fuzz-driven guitars, guttural bass, and otherworldly drumming are just as colossal as ever. What's different this time? Nuance. The band has subtly shifted towards more pure heavy rock elements, peppering their signature doom with twinges of melodic inflection.

“Whispers”: A haunting start, 'Whispers' exudes a weighty atmosphere that promises a plunge into deeper, murkier waters. The crescendo of intensity is methodically executed, laying down a strong foundation for the tracks to come. One can almost feel the electric vibrations and sonic pulsations seeping from Wegeland's vocal texture.

"Stellar Winds": Seamlessly tying into the end of 'Whispers', 'Stellar Winds' throws you headfirst into the tempest. Widholm's guitars tear through the backdrop, shimmering with a psychedelic ambience. The title is appropriate; the track itself is an otherworldly gust of fresh air in the doom-heavy genre.

"Magnetism": Just as its name suggests, 'Magnetism' draws you in with its hypnotic rhythms. The trio showcases their ability to harmonize seamlessly, with Dahlgren's drums acting as the gravitational pull, grounding the track while allowing the other elements to orbit freely. This is DOMKRAFT at their most captivating.

"Slowburner": Arguably the most aptly named track of the lot, 'Slowburner' is a simmering cauldron of slow but potent riffs, smoldering vocals, and a gradual yet deliberate escalation in tempo. It builds with an intention that commands patience, leaving listeners at the precipice, eager for the climax.

"Downpour": The rhythm section comes to the forefront here. The bass and drums are the rain and thunder in this stormy soundscape, with the occasional lightning strike from Widholm's fiery guitar work. 'Downpour' is a deluge of emotions, embodying the heavier side of the band's repertoire.

"Black Moon Rising": A descent into an abyss of shadowy realms, 'Black Moon Rising' feels like a ceremonial invocation. It's here that Wegeland's vocal prowess shines the brightest, encompassing both menace and melancholy. The track is a meditation on the duality of light and dark, and it's absolutely entrancing.

"The Big Chill": Concluding the cosmic journey is 'The Big Chill'. This track is a spacious, heavily distorted exploration that seems to float in the vast emptiness of space. It's a perfect end, providing a sense of closure and reflection, echoing the very first echoes of 'Whispers'.

On "Sonic Moons", DOMKRAFT effectively harnesses the mammoth energy of their previous outings, refining it with mature songwriting and nuanced musicianship. While the heavy doom foundation is still very much present, the slight pivot to heavy rock makes the album more versatile and accessible. The production provides the necessary polish without compromising the band's raw intensity.

"Sonic Moons" is a mesmerizing journey through interstellar soundscapes and ethereal vibrations. Dive in and let the cosmic waves wash over you. May your voyage be as thrilling as it is enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I hope you do as well!

Album Drops September 8th 2023 Via Magnetic Eye Records


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