"Sides of the Unknown" by LOGICAL TERROR - An Intense Odyssey Into The Human Psyche (Album Review)


Forget whatever you thought you knew about metalcore and industrial music because LOGICAL TERROR's "Sides of the Unknown" is an album that takes the genre and mutates it into something primal, complex, and utterly refreshing. From the incendiary opener "The Final Nightmare" to the haunting finale "The Animal With 1000 Eyes," this Italian outfit pushes the boundaries of what heavy music can and should be.

The band leans heavily into their industrial influences, imbuing tracks with electronic elements that serve to elevate, rather than dilute, the raw power of their compositions. The melodic appeal here is not just noticeable; it's arresting. The band uses electronica not as a crutch but as an extra layer, a sheen of futurism atop their crushing riffs and thunderous percussion.

The dual vocal approach deserves special mention. The interplay between the two singers offers a complex aural landscape that switches seamlessly from gravelly screams to cleaner, melodic intonations. This adds an extra layer of complexity and emotional depth to songs that are already brimming with atmosphere and meaning.

What truly sets "Sides of the Unknown" apart is its thematic density. This is not just another album about existential dread; it's a scathing indictment of humanity's blind faith in technology and our growing detachment from reality. Tracks like "Multiverse Of Madness" and "Time Zone" delve into the adverse effects of our rapidly evolving world, pondering whether progress is really worth the cost.

Notable Tracks-

"Multiverse Of Madness": This track encapsulates the existential crises of a generation with its frenetic pace and grating relentless riffs.

"Everlasting Darkness": A haunting semi-electronic track that plays with your emotions a bit. The dynamics on this track blend flawlessly and creates a well written almost cinematic experience.

"The Animal With 1000 Eyes": A blistering finale, this track is a culmination of the entire album's journey—sonically explorative and lyrically profound.

"Sides of the Unknown" by LOGICAL TERROR is a sonic apocalypse you won't want to miss. It's not just music; it's a concept, an idea, a challenge to the listener to confront the dark sides of our collective soul. This is a band that has mastered their craft and then some, fusing disparate elements to create a coherent, powerful, and emotionally resonant piece of art. If this album doesn't leave you questioning your place in the universe while headbanging furiously, then you might need to check your pulse.

Bang your head, open your mind, and let LOGICAL TERROR guide you through the "Sides of the Unknown." This album is not just a collection of songs; it's an experience, and it's one you won't soon forget.

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