Kittie return with new Single "Eyes Wide Open" (Single Review)


"Eyes Wide Open" by Kittie marks a triumphant return for the pioneering all-female metal band, emerging from a 13-year hiatus with a track that not only reaffirms their legacy in the metal scene but also redefines it. This new single, released under Sumerian Records, is proof to the band's enduring ability to blend raw power with nuanced artistry.

From the first note, "Eyes Wide Open" grips the listener with an intensity that is both familiar and refreshing. Morgan Lander's vocals, as always, are a force to be reckoned with; Which always conveys a depth of emotion that is the hallmark of Kittie's sound. The lyrical themes of truth-seeking, betrayal, and enlightenment are woven seamlessly into the fabric of the song, resonating with an authenticity that speaks to the band's personal journey as well as broader societal issues.

Musically, the track is a dynamic showcase of Kittie's evolved sound. Tara McLeod's guitar work is exceptional, delivering riffs that are both intricate and aggressive. The interplay between her guitar and Morgan's creates a layered, compelling soundscape that is the backbone of the track. Ivy Vujic's bass lines are powerful and grounding, providing a solid foundation that complements the complexity of the guitar work and Mercedes Lander's drumming is, as ever, a tour de force. Her rhythms are not just the heartbeat of the song; they're its roaring pulse, driving the track forward with unrelenting energy.

What stands out most in "Eyes Wide Open" is the sense of maturity and evolution. This is not the Kittie of the early 2000s; this is a band that has grown, both as individuals and as musicians, without losing the edge and raw energy that put them on the map. The song feels like a natural progression, a new chapter that honors their past while forging ahead into uncharted territory.

"Eyes Wide Open" is more than just a comeback single; it's a powerful statement from a band that has never been afraid to push boundaries and challenge expectations. Kittie's return is not just welcome; it's a necessary jolt to the metal scene, reminding us of the genre's potential to be both ferociously powerful and deeply introspective. This track is a must-listen for not only fans of the band but anyone who appreciates the artistry and intensity of metal music.

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