"In Shoals" by War From A Harlots Mouth Is A Calculated Onslaught of Complexity and Brutality (Legacy Album Review)


It’s not often that an album sounds like a collision between a jazz lounge and a war zone, but War From A Harlots Mouth's 2009 release, "In Shoals," manages to do precisely that. War From A Harlots Mouth craft a brutal album with the audacious aim of melding Mathcore, Grindcore, Hardcore, and Jazz influences into a volatile mix. And boy, did they succeed. This is one of my favorite albums that I am excited to share with you.

Opening the album is "They Come in Shoals" Right out of the gate, this track hits like a Molotov cocktail of musical styles. The frenetic drumming and relentless riffage welcome you to an album that demands attention.

"No High Five for C.oward" Is a clenched fist to the face of conformity. It manages to be challenging in its structure yet violently engaging, thanks to its blend of hardcore vocals and mathcore wizardry. 

"Briefing Security Werewolves on Red Alert" A short but sweet track that could serve as a sonic interpretation of chaos theory. The song is an inferno of simplicity, yet somewhere in that chaos is a calculated intent that's nothing short of brilliant as it is a dynamic introduction to the next song.

“Crooks at Your Door” A dissonant, anxiety-inducing track. It's like having your soul put through a wood-chipper—jarring yet fascinating. 

“Justice from the Lips of the Highest Bidder” This track is a jazz infused instrumental  musically manifesting itself through the power of creation! I dig it!

“Copyriot” Is a more straightforward but no less compelling tune that offers a catchy riff and leaves a lasting impression.

“The Certain Nothing” Here, the band delves into existentialist territories. The song is a layered masterpiece that touches the zenith of technicality. The musical shifts are fun and extremely satisfying. 

“Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Errorism” Yes, the title is a mouthful. The song, however, is brutal and intense with jazzy breakdowns and plenty of time for your emotions to be confused with what you are listening to at any given moment during this song.

"What Happens in the District... (Paper Agents) and ...Stays in the District (I'm the Black Sheep of Her Country)" These two serve as a diptych of sorts, wrapping up the album with a sense of completion yet leaving you in a state of yearning for more.

Scully: Closing out the record, this song serves as the aural equivalent of a Rubik's Cube doused in kerosene and set alight. The build ups and slow downs really highlight the intricacy and soundscape that this band can convey. Plainly stated the musicianship on this track is incredible a fitting end to a fantastic album. 

"In Shoals" is a labyrinth of musical complexity, offering no easy way out but guaranteeing a thrilling journey. It is a musical tinderbox, where every note seems ready to explode in your face. The album is both an intellectual challenge and a physical assault. But it's also more than the sum of its screams, riffs, and rhythms—it's an example of how musical genres can not only coexist but also enrich each other, resulting in a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive experience that takes Extreme Metal to unfathomable depths and soaring heights. That's probably why I love this album!

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