Brodequin's latest offering, "Suffocation in Ash," is a relentless assault on the senses (Single Review)


Brodequin's latest offering, "Suffocation in Ash," is a relentless assault on the senses, a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to the brutal death metal genre. This new single further cements Brodequin's status as a titan in the realm of extreme metal, showcasing their unique blend of historical horror and auditory ferocity.

The track's historical inspiration, drawn from ancient Persian execution methods, is as macabre as it is intriguing. Jamie Bailey's fascination with medieval and ancient torture methods infuses the song with a palpable sense of dread and authenticity. The imagery of a victim trapped and suffocating in ash is not just a lyrical theme but an experiential journey for the listener.

Musically, "Suffocation in Ash" is pure brutality. Mike Bailey's guitar work is nothing short of punishing. His riffs are both complex and crushing, evoking the inexorable turning of the executioner's wheel. Each chord and note seems to drag the listener deeper into a vortex of despair, mirroring the grim fate of the song's protagonist.

On drums, Brennan Shackelford is a force of nature. His blast beats, foot work and cymbal work create a soundscape that is overwhelming in its intensity. The relentless drumming is not just a backdrop but a key player in the narrative, metaphorically simulating the unending downpour of ash and the inescapable doom of the victim.

Vocally, Jamie Bailey delivers a performance that is both guttural and articulate. His ability to articulate the gruesome details of the song's narrative, while maintaining an air of ominous brutality, is impressive. The vocals are not merely an accompaniment but a pivotal element that brings the harrowing tale to life.

"Suffocation in Ash" is more than a song; it's an experience. It's a journey into the depths of human cruelty and the dark corners of history, delivered with an intensity that is rare even in the world of extreme metal. This track sets the stage for the upcoming full album "Harbinger of Woe," promising a collection of songs that are not just heard but felt — a visceral reminder of the power of brutal death metal to tell stories as dark and complex as any other art form.

Brodequin's "Suffocation in Ash" is brutal, but don't take our word for it. Listen for yourself!

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FULL ALBUM "Harbinger of Woe " Out March 22nd 2024 from Season Of Mist


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