"Can't Save Us All" by Born In Blood Is Unapologetically Brutal (Album Review)


Fort Worth, TX-based metal band Born In Blood delivers a thunderous entry into the metal scene with their latest album, "Can't Save Us All." Known for their brutal blend of dissonance and melody, the band doesn't disappoint in this relentless barrage of sound that is both intricate and aggressive. The Band member include Talmage Crumholt on Vocals, Anthony Rendon on Guitars, Stephen Bonilla on Drums and Royce Vick on Bass.

The album starts with a fierce opener, "Inferno" sets the tone with its explosive energy. The track features a complex interplay of guitar riffs and drum patterns, showcasing Bonilla's prowess on the drums and Rendon's skill with the guitar.

On “Revile” Crumholt's vocals are a highlight here, adding a raw, visceral layer to an already brutal song.

The title track "Can't Save Us All" stands out with its thematic depth and musical complexity. The lyrics are introspective, pondering the darker aspects of human nature. Musically, the band fires on all cylinders, with Vick's bass lines providing a solid backbone.

Arguably the most stand out track on the album, "Kill Kill" is relentless in its delivery. The name says it all. It’s a showcase of Born In Blood's ability to maintain intensity without sacrificing musicality. The interplay between all members is tight and precise, a testament to their chemistry.

A fitting end to the album, "Implosion" combines elements from the previous tracks, culminating in a powerful finale. The song's structure is complex, yet it flows seamlessly, leaving the listener both exhausted and exhilarated.

"Can't Save Us All" is a formidable album that asserts Born In Blood's place in the metal landscape. The band's skill in blending harsh dissonance with melodic moments is commendable. Each track is a testament to the individual talents of the band members and their ability to come together to create a cohesive and brutal sound.

Talmage Crumholt's vocal range and intensity are particularly noteworthy, delivering a performance that's both aggressive and emotionally charged. Anthony Rendon and Stephen Bonilla prove to be a formidable duo, their guitar and drum interplay driving the album's intense energy. Royce Vick's bass is the glue that holds everything together, providing depth and rhythm to the tracks.

"Can't Save Us All" is a must-listen for fans of heavy, intense music. Born In Blood has crafted an album that is unapologetically brutal yet intricately composed, a rare feat in the genre. This album is a testament to their talent and a promise of great things to come from this Fort Worth powerhouse.

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