"Elements" Mind Control Masterfully Blends The Intensity Of Melodic Death Metal With The Intricacies Of Progressive Rock. (Album Review)


"Elements" by the Italian melodic/death progressive metal band Mind Control is a breathtaking journey through a tapestry of soundscapes that masterfully blends the intensity of melodic death metal with the intricacies of progressive rock. The band is comprised of Stefania Salladini on vocals, Massimo Boffa on guitars and keyboard programming, Stefano Tatasciore on bass and Luca Nicolucci on drums. This album is proof of the band's innovative spirit and musical prowess. 

"Elements" - The album opens with its title track: A beautifully written instrumental piece showcasing the bands technicality and song writing ability.

"Rage" - A relentless track that lives up to its name. The interplay between aggressive riffs and melodic interludes is seamless, showcasing the band's ability to balance intensity with musicality. Salladini's range is particularly noteworthy here, effortlessly shifting from harsh to clean vocals.

"Flames" - This track introduces a slightly more progressive element, with time signature changes that are both challenging and engaging. Boffa's guitar solos are a highlight, demonstrating both technical skill and emotional depth.

"Effluent" - A track filled with substance and emotion. The atmospheric elements created in this track add a layer of depth, while the lyrical content showcases the band's ability to weave compelling narratives into their music. A solid effort.

"Wind" - This track is a turbulent, high-energy number adding some peaks and valleys. Nicolucci's drumming is the standout, driving the song forward with precision and power.

"Storm" - A change of pace, this track feels lighter and more ethereal, yet still retains the album's characteristic intensity. The bass work by Tatasciore is particularly impressive, providing a groove that's both complex and catchy.

"Air" - This track showcases the band's versatility, incorporating elements of traditional metal alongside their more progressive tendencies. The result is a song that is both familiar and fresh, a nod to the genre's roots while still looking forward.

“Tempest” - A meticulously structured piece that oscillates between calm passages and stormy crescendos, mirroring the theme of a tempest both in its dynamics and in its emotional delivery.

"Hurricane" - An intense, fast-paced track that combines blistering speed with melodic sensibility. The technical proficiency of each band member is on full display here, with a particularly notable solo from Boffa.

"The River" - A more reflective and introspective track, it provides a welcome respite from the album's prevailing intensity. Salladini's vocal performance is both haunting and beautiful, adding a layer of emotional depth.

"Ether" - This track starts otherworldly, with ambient elements that transport the listener. The synergy between electronic and traditional instruments is particularly effective, creating a soundscape that is both unique and engaging while not losing the intensity that has come before on this album.

"Maelstrom" - A return to the heavier side of the band's sound, this track is a whirlwind of energy and aggression. The interplay between the guitar and rhythm section creates a sense of controlled chaos that is both exhilarating and impressive.

“Blame (ft. Simone Evangelista of Insane Therapy)” - The closing track is a collaborative masterpiece. Evangelista's contribution adds a new dimension to the band's sound, resulting in a powerful and memorable finale to an already outstanding album.

 "Elements" by Mind Control is a solid endeavor in modern metal, seamlessly blending various subgenres into a cohesive and compelling whole. Each track offers something unique, yet the album maintains a consistent quality throughout. Fans of any sub genre of metal will find something they enjoy about this album. It's a must-listen! 

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