Hellfrost's Self-Titled Album Is a Relentless Force That Will Grab You by the Throat and Refuse To Let Go (Album Review)


Hellfrost's self-titled album is a relentless force that will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go until the final note fades. From the very first riff of "Megalodon," the listener is bombarded with a wall of sound that seamlessly blends the raw aggression of death metal, the cold atmosphere of black metal, and the precision of thrash metal, creating a sonic experience that is truly unique to Hellfrost.

"Megalodon" sets the tone for the album, with its intricate guitar work and pummeling drums. The track is a perfect introduction to the band's sound, showcasing their ability to meld melody with brutality.

"Bloodshot" and “Don't Bury Me” continue the onslaught, with their relentless riffs and volatile vocals. These tracks stand as a witness to the band's songwriting skills, with each song boasting its own unique identity while still fitting within the album's overall aesthetic.

"Friday The 13th" and "Frozen Soul" keep the momentum going, While losing no intensity. These tracks showcase the band's ability to create atmosphere and build tension, resulting in songs that are both epic and intricate.

"Microplastics" and "Razors" are the album's most aggressive tracks, with their breakneck tempos and razor-sharp riffs. These songs are sure to be live favorites, with their mosh-pit inducing energy.

"Artificial Intelligence" closes the album on a high note, with its sophisticated guitar work and epic scope. The track is a perfect encapsulation of the band's sound, blending melody and brutality in a way that is uniquely Hellfrost.

Overall, Hellfrost's musical prowess is evident in every track, with guitar riffs that are as complex as they are heavy, and drumming that is nothing short of phenomenal. The addition of various metal sub-genres adds depth and complexity to the album, ensuring that it is anything but one-dimensional.

Dave Vainer's vocals are the cherry on top, with a delivery that is both powerful and emotive, perfectly complementing the music. The lyrics are dark and introspective, exploring themes of death, despair, and the human condition, further adding to the album's intensity.

The production quality of the album is top-notch, thanks to the expertise of Derek Roddy, who has brought out the best in the band, ensuring that every note is crystal clear, and every nuance is captured.

Hellfrost's self-titled album is a masterwork of extreme metal, and a tribute to the band's musical prowess. It is an album for those who are willing to immerse themselves in its dark and twisted world, the rewards are plentiful. This is an album that deserves to be listened to at full volume, with the listener fully prepared to be blown away by its sheer power and intensity.

Album Drops October 27th on Curtain Call Records


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