Album Review of "Awake" by Rising Alma


Amidst the ever-churning whirlpool of music, bands come and go, leaving listeners often hungry for something raw, something genuine, and something unique. Enter Rising Alma. With "Awake", this dynamic alternative rock band from Berlin, Germany, led by the formidable Alīse and Máximo, deliver an album that feels like a clarion call to all the wandering souls out there.

"Awake" is not just an album; it's an experience. It's an emotional expedition, demanding its audience to feel every guitar strum, every vocal inflection, and every drumbeat. Here's a track-by-track breakdown:

'Sunrise' A fitting intro, the track prepares listeners with a prelude of what's to come , as if you were asleep and your alarm goes and it time to; ‘Awake’  The title track, it's a hymn of consciousness, I love the gradual transition from “Sunrise” to “Awake” the guitar work stands out, the vocal performance pierces through your soul and gives you all the feels. 

‘The Cage’ A more introspective piece, this song captures feelings of entrapment and the yearning to break free. It's a relatable track for anyone who's felt boxed in. ‘Sail Away’ Melodic and soulful, this is an ode to wanderlust and the adventures that beckon when one dares to leave the safety of the shore. ‘Sleepless Mind’ Well written and a solid performance, This tracks showcases the bands talents to easily transition from harsh to soft elements. Alīse's haunting vocals really shine on this track.

'My Confusion' A excellent opening riff into a dominating bass line. The instrumentation on this track is top notch, particularly Máximo's guitar, adds layers of complexity to the track. ‘All My Trust’  The lyrics and vocal performance are a raw and sincere. 

'The Empty Heart'  A superb use of guitar effects and spot on drums syncing flawlessly together, this song stands out with its poignant lyrics and heart-wrenching melody. 'I Hear Them March'  With a slightly lighter undertone with acoustic guitars, it's a powerful track showcasing the undying human spirit. ‘Wolves’ and ‘Over Again’ are both solid straight forward songs. ‘Closer’ A slower build of a song, then hits you out the gate. This track is very well crafted. Sincere and concise, this is a good song to bang your head to and let your frustrations out. 'The Story Is Not Over' Ending the album on a high, this track promises that Rising Alma's journey is far from its finale. It leaves listeners eagerly awaiting what's next.

Rising Alma's "Awake" is more than just another alternative rock album. It's a tapestry of emotions, woven intricately with threads of passion, pain, joy, and introspection. Their blend of raw energy with sophisticated composition makes them a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. And if "Awake" is any indication of their trajectory, we are all in for a melodious treat in the years to come. Highly recommended for those seeking solace, understanding, and a reflection of life's myriad experiences in music.

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