Slayer Fans Rejoice! Kerry King Has Dropped his new single "Idle Hands" (Single Review)


"Idle Hands," the new single by Kerry King, has been eagerly anticipated by the metal community, especially by fans of his legendary tenure with Slayer. Here's a brutal, honest review that captures the essence of this release:

Kerry King's reputation as a guitar maestro is not only maintained but elevated in "Idle Hands." The track showcases his signature style – a furious blend of speed, precision, and aggression. His riffs are as sharp and cutting as ever, slicing through the mix with an intensity that harkens back to Slayer's golden days. The solo in "Idle Hands" is a standout moment, with King's skillful, high-octane playing reminding us why he is considered a titan in the metal genre.

"Idle Hands" is a masterclass in thrash metal songwriting. The track is structured to keep the listener on their toes, with relentless tempo changes and a barrage of riffs that are both innovative and nostalgic. It's clear that King hasn't lost his touch in creating music that is not just aggressive but also intricately crafted. The song's arrangement is tight, leaving no room for filler, which is a testament to King's experience and understanding of the genre.

The production on "Idle Hands" strikes the perfect balance between raw energy and polished clarity. Every instrument is given its space to shine, with King's guitar work rightfully at the forefront. The mix is clean yet retains a gritty edge, crucial for a track that’s meant to hit hard and leave a lasting impact.

Mark Osegueda of Death Angel fame; vocal performance and lyrics on "Idle Hands" contribute significantly to the track's power. The vocals are fierce and delivered with a conviction that matches the intensity of the music. Lyrically, the song delves into themes that are dark and introspective, resonating with the classic Slayer narrative style.

"Idle Hands" is a triumphant return for Kerry King and a gift to Slayer fans and metal enthusiasts alike. The track is a potent reminder of King's status as a heavyweight in the metal world. It delivers everything you would want from a Kerry King project – ferocity, technical skill, and an unapologetic celebration of the thrash metal genre.

“Idle Hands” is the first single from the upcoming Kerry King Album “From Hell I Rise” out May 17th 2024 on Reigning Phoenix Music 


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