"Immortalized" by Deimler Is A Relentless, Brutal, and Unapologetically Raw Album. (Album Review)


"Immortalized" by Deimler is not just an album; it's a ferocious beast that has been meticulously crafted in the dark, dank forges of old school-style Death Metal. This album doesn't just pay homage to the Gods of Death; it builds a colossal altar for them with its thunderous riffs, guttural vocals, and an atmosphere that is as foreboding as it is awe-inspiring.

The album kicks off with "Prelude - Oberon Moon," a track that sets a dark and mystic tone, preparing the listener for the sonic onslaught that is to follow.

"Nostromo" immediately plunges into the deep end with relentless drumming and riffing that feels like a chainsaw to the senses. With a catchy riff that brought a big smile to my face. The track's intensity is a testament to Deimler's commitment to pure, unadulterated death metal.

The title track, "Immortalized," stands as a monument in the album. It encapsulates the band's ability to weave complex arrangements with raw power, creating a track that is as memorable as it is brutal.

“Interlude - The Encounter”  serves as a haunting breather, a moment of eerie calm before the storm resumes.

"Suffocating Parasite" hits with a fury, characterized by its breakneck speed and vocals that seem to echo from the depths of an abyss. The track’s 03:30 duration is a high-octane ride that leaves the listener breathless.

With “Afterlife Incubator” Deimler explores more complex themes both lyrically and musically, showing their depth without sacrificing an iota of their signature aggression.

"Xenomorph" is a twisted and darkly imaginative track. Its riffs are as sharp as the creature's teeth, and the drums pound like its footsteps.

“Acheron's Lethal Tongue” This track is a standout, with its blend of atmosphere and relentless energy, creating a soundscape that is both menacing and mesmerizing.

"Biomechanical Necrophagous" The band delves into more technical territories here, showcasing their musicianship and ability to craft songs that are complex yet entirely accessible.

“Nocturnity” showcases Deimler's ability to maintain intensity while exploring different musical dynamics, this track is a dark, brooding piece.

"Corrosive Blood" True to its name, this track is a corrosive onslaught of sound, showcasing some of the album’s most aggressive and technical moments.

"Cremation" is an inferno of a track, burning with an energy that is both destructive and captivating.

"Postlude - Sound Of Derelict" As the album nears its end, this postlude offers a haunting and atmospheric close, leaving the listener in a state of eerie contemplation.

Nocturnity (Bonus Track): Not available on Spotify, I found this track on Bandcamp. This bonus track is a delightful addition for fans, adding an extra layer to the already rich tapestry of the album. Why it's not on the official release, I don't know. This track slays!

"Immortalized" by Deimler is a relentless, brutal, and unapologetically raw album that pays respect to the roots of Death Metal while carving out its own unique place in the genre. It’s a must-listen for fans of the genre and a stark reminder of the power and intensity that Death Metal can deliver. I absolutely love this album!

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