"The Shadow Inside" is a triumphant return for Sadus (Album Review)



After a wait that felt like an eternity in the abyss of metal hunger, Sadus has stormed back onto the scene with their latest offering, "The Shadow Inside." This album, released by Nuclear Blast Records, marks a formidable and much-awaited return after sixteen years of silence. Let's dive into the brutal, unapologetic, and intricate journey that Sadus lays out track by track.

First Blood (6:54): The album kicks off with a bang. "First Blood" is a relentless assault, showcasing blistering speed and technical prowess. The band hasn't lost a step in their hiatus; if anything, they've honed their skills. The intricate riffing and thunderous drumming set a high bar for the rest of the album.

Scorched And Burnt (4:29): This track brings a slightly groovier, but no less intense, energy. The riffs are infectious, and there's an undercurrent of progressive elements that demonstrates Sadus's ability to evolve without losing their core ferocity.

It's The Sickness (4:29): Dark and menacing, this track showcases the band's ability to create an atmosphere that's not just heavy, but also deeply unsettling. The vocals are a standout, delivering each line with a venom that's palpable.

Ride The Knife (5:27): A relentless thrasher, this song is a testament to Sadus's ability to craft tracks that are both wildly aggressive and meticulously structured. The guitar work is particularly notable, weaving in and out of the thunderous rhythm section with ease.

Anarchy (2:48): The shortest track on the album, "Anarchy" is a no-holds-barred, punk-infused thrash piece. It's a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping song that barely gives you a second to breathe.

The Devil In Me (6:08): Here, Sadus increases the intensity. The track is a showpiece in building tension, with a brooding atmosphere that explodes into fierce outbursts. The dynamic range displayed here is impressive.

Pain (4:16): True to its title, this track is an exploration of aggression and suffering, both in its lyrical content and its sonic assault. It's a raw, unfiltered expression that hits hard and leaves a mark.

No Peace (5:08): Keeping up with the theme of relentless intensity, "No Peace" combines thrash elements with a sense of impending doom. The rhythm section shines here, delivering a powerhouse performance that drives the track forward.

New Beginnings (2:07): This instrumental piece serves as a brief respite, showcasing the band's musicianship and ability to create compelling soundscapes without the need for words.

The Shadow Inside (5:22): The title track is a culmination of all the elements that make this album a standout. It's an epic closer, combining the speed, technicality, and intensity that defines Sadus, while also showcasing their growth and maturity as a band.

"The Shadow Inside" is a triumphant return for Sadus. It's an album that not only lives up to the legacy of their past work but in many ways surpasses it. The band has managed to stay true to their roots while demonstrating that they are not afraid to push boundaries and evolve. This album is a must-listen for any fan of technical thrash metal and a brutal reminder of why Sadus remains a formidable force in the metal world.

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