"A Sign Of Things to Come" by Sylosis Is a Masterclass in Conciseness and Impact (Album Review)


Rarely does an album completely take my breath away from the get go, however "A Sign Of Things to Come"  from UK metal titans, Sylosis does exactly that! In one word? It's monumental. This album is a masterclass in conciseness and impact, It’s a rip-roaring, 10-track behemoth that grabs you by the jugular from the first chord and doesn't let go until the last. 

The opening track, "Deadwood," doesn't mess around. It’s an all-out thrash war, a sonic battering ram that tells you exactly what you're in for. It combines the classic Metal riffs with modern elements that give it an extra kick right out of the gate. Light the Fucking Match!

The title track “A Sign of Things to Come”  serves as a metaphorical and literal ‘sign’ of what the album has to offer. It provides a remarkable balance between raw aggression and technical prowess, serving as a core exemplar of the band's evolved sound. This track has all the feels and will keep you banging your head!

“Pariahs” is poised to be a modern classic, laced with an unyielding intensity. The riffs are thunderous, the vocals snarling—a song for those who relish in the darker aspects of metal. Continuing the aural onslaught is “Poison for the Lost.”  It's ethereal but not soft, complex but not pretentious. In essence, it's a perfect midpoint for an album that refuses to slow down. The solo work on this track is phenomenal! "Descent" dives deep into the caverns of the band’s sonic palette. It’s an intricate tune that shows off the technical skills of the entire band without feeling like a musical exercise.

“Absent” is what a modern ballad should sound like, dark and brooding, this track offers a different shade to the Sylosis spectrum. It’s less about breakneck speed and more about making each note matter. Sylosis Absolutely shine on this track! The musicianship and arrangement is next level! “Eye for An Eye” transports you right back into all the things that make this album fantastic; Unrelenting, and Aggressive touching on excellent musicianship and a deep lyrical journey. 

"Judas" rips through with an intensity worthy of its biblical namesake. It’s a betrayal of the senses—in the best way possible.The penultimate track, “Thorns,'” taps into a metal vein that’s new yet feels incredibly at home within the greater construct of the album. Closing this epic journey is “A Godless Throne,” a devastating final statement that reminds me why I love Sylosis in the first place. This track is a culmination of everything that has come before and is a fitting conclusion to an extrodinary album.

With "A Sign Of Things to Come," Sylosis aren't just part of the conversation; they are the conversation. This album is a relentless tour-de-force and grandiose in its impact. The band has set a new benchmark for modern metal, delivering a record that’s "all killer, no fucking filler," indeed. Ten songs, ten triumphs. Mission accomplished, gentlemen. This album isn’t just a sign of things to come; it's a force of nature that has already arrived. Buckle up.

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