"We Should Definitely Do This!" by 0%Mercury Is a Must-Listen For Anyone Yearning For Something New and Unapologetically Bold (Album Review)


In a sonic landscape filled with formulaic tunes and predictable genre conventions; 0%Mercury has pushed through struggles and adversity to defy the odds and burst forth from the Ukrainian underground music scene like a kaleidoscopic firework. Their EP, "We Should Definitely Do This!", is a daring exploration that bends, breaks, and invents genre rules. With musical stylings that are as diverse as they are cohesive, 0%Mercury blends metal, chaotic hardcore, math rock, and a myriad of other influences into a one-of-a-kind concoction they dub "Kotik Hardcore and Rainbow Rock."

"We Should Definitely Do This!"

This title track serves as a declaration of intent—a proclamation, if you will. Thunderous riffs are interspersed with off-kilter timing that makes your heart palpitate in the best possible way. The song is a rollercoaster of intensity that invites listeners to break away from mundanity and embrace the wild ride that is life.

"Cat Lady"

This song, which may sound like an internet meme in title alone, is anything but trivial. The melodic extremes take on a surreal quality; guiding you though a sonic soundscape that showcases heavy instrumental breakdowns with ethereal harmonies. This track is absolutely solid!

"2000 Rockets"

This track is like a fireworks display in auditory form. With the chaotic hardcore elements in full display, the instrumentation is both relentless and calculated. The complex timings and changes might make it a challenging first listen for some, but the depth it offers makes it endlessly re-playable. The Track from what I can tell features a collaboration from Johnny Booth Vocalist Andrew Herman.

"Welcome To The Next Level"

This closing number is a call-to-arms for listeners to evolve and elevate themselves. With its intricate rhythms and jarring transitions, the track succeeds in capturing the essence of stepping into a new phase of life, uncertain yet thrilling. The riffs are top notch songwriting, The vocals are haunting and seductive. The arrangement is absolutely mesmerizing. This song will do for Metal what The Refused Did for Punk. I play this song on repeat and pick out something new each time!

The band's vocalist, with her "cute extreme female vocals," is nothing short of a revelation. Her ability to maneuver between growls, shrieks, and surprisingly melodic tones adds a unique layer to the already multifaceted soundscapes. It's a voice that captures the angst and fervor of youth, yet also brings a touch of nuanced emotion that many extreme vocalists fail to deliver.

Inventive, audacious, and spellbindingly unique, "We Should Definitely Do This!" is a courageous and audacious project that steps far beyond the boundaries of traditional genres. It's as if 0%Mercury has taken you by the hand and plunged you into a swirling vortex of color and sound, leaving you breathless but invigorated. With this album, the band succeeds in creating something that is both disorienting and mesmerizing—just like the chaotic beauty of life itself. I absolutely love this EP! Well done 0%Mercury Slava Ukraini!

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