"Botched Field Surgery" by Pythagoras Is a Sonic Assault That Captures The Essence Of Controlled Chaos


Pythagoras - Botched Field Surgery

In the saturated world of death metal where many bands struggle to differentiate themselves, Pythagoras, hailing from Long Beach, CA, releases an album that refuses to be muffled in a sea of blast beats and indecipherable growls. "Botched Field Surgery" is a sonic assault that captures the essence of controlled chaos, giving the listener an experience akin to a war zone filled with philosophical quandaries.

“Machine Head Strangulation” Kicking off with an unyielding barrage of drums and distorted guitars, this track is a manifesto that screams, 'We are Pythagoras, and we're here to wreck you.' The juxtaposition of technical riffs and guttural vocals creates an eerie atmosphere of mechanical dread.

“Botched Field Surgery” The title track is a masterpiece of orchestrated violence. It ebbs and flows, punctuated by surgical guitar solos that could only be described as the aural equivalent of a scalpel incising flesh.

“The Inevitability of Death” The existential despair in the lyrics adds depth to the heaviness of the track. It offers a nihilistic reflection on mortality, channeled through relentless instrumentation.

“Baby Crusher” Clocking in at over 7 minutes,  Pythagoras shine in their dark storytelling on this track. It is repugnant, grotesque, and fascinating, with multiple tempo shifts that mirror the twists of a horror tale.

“Cipher” Is non-stop brutality, this track is one of the most aggressive tracks on the album. “Thin Out the Herd” This is pure adrenaline, a sprinting track that makes its point succinctly. “Captain 'Murica” A strong track that is well written and well performed. This track is an anthem for the disenchanted.

“Succubus” The closing number is an epic in every sense, drawing you in with its dark seduction and leaving you exhausted but longing for more.

"Botched Field Surgery" is not just an album; it's an experience that pushes the boundaries of death metal, combining technical proficiency with thematic depth. For those who dare to delve into the abyss of this album, the rewards are limitless.

The production quality is immaculate, allowing each instrument its moment of brutality while never overshadowing the human element behind the chaos. The growling vocals serve as the demonic conductor of this infernal orchestra, guiding us through each cataclysmic movement. If you think you've heard everything death metal has to offer, let "Botched Field Surgery" serve as a brutal reminder that the genre still has much to explore. 

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