"Confessions" by FeltSideOut Is An Unyielding Fusion of Originality and Energy (Album Review)


In an era where a cookie-cutter approach to music often seems more rule than exception; "Confessions" by FeltSideOut proves an ear-catching anomaly. Comprised of 5 power-packed tracks, the album is a compelling rollercoaster of sound that defies facile categorization, blending rock, metal, indie vibes, and an array of international instrumentation. The collective wisdom gleaned from years on the Northeastern music scene is palpable, placing the band in a league of their own.

From the first moments of "Scrape," you know you're not in for another run-of-the-mill experience. The drums throb like a pulse, guitar riffs snarl and sizzle, and an unmistakable sitar meanders in the background. The musical arrangement is both frenetic and meticulously controlled, offering a palette of sounds that act as a sonic metaphor for raw, scraping emotion.

"Broken Crown" wades into the darker territory of human experience. Brooding and introspective, it pushes against the boundaries of traditional rock and metal, This track will have you banging your head and singing along. The lyrics are introspective and one can interpret them to their own personal life experience. The musical elements work in harmony to amplify the lyrical content.

For those who think rock is dead or at least napping, "Awake" serves as a rousing wake-up call. With soaring vocals that remind us that FeltSideOut is more than capable of more metallic exploits, this track keeps its foot firmly on the gas pedal. A heavy dose hard rock guitar make this an anthemic paean to consciousness, both literal and metaphysical.

With “Everything” FeltSideOut grapples with existential themes while giving us an auditory feast. This song creates a feeling of existential searching. The result is a track that's at once euphoric and agonizing, expansive yet intimate, underlining the complex nature of, well, everything.

The closing track, "White Lighter,"  ties the thematic threads of the album together, while ending on a cathartic high. Laden with symbolism, it pulls no punches and the piano intro is a nice change of pace Musically, it feels like a tour de force that encapsulates the best elements of the preceding tracks: electrifying guitar solos, thunderous percussion, and vocals that can only be described as "soul-searing."

FeltSideOut has risen above mere mimicry, eschewing banal trends to create a compelling album that answers the clamor for originality with a cacophony of eclectic yet coherent sound. Their years of trials, tribulations, and growth have culminated in "Confessions," an album that promises not just to slap you in the face but to knock you out of your musical comfort zone altogether.

“Confessions” isn't just another album—it's a statement, a manifesto of musical prowess and emotional depth that demands your attention. It's a freight train of originality that you don't just hear, but feel—in every pounding beat, every intricate lyric, and every unexpected instrumental flourish.

In a world craving unique musical voices, "Confessions" is FeltSideOut’s unyielding answer, and it's magnificent.

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