"Pray For Armageddon" by Blessed Curse Is a Thirst-Quenching Gulp of Brimstone Straight From The Chalice Of Hell. (Album Review)


In a world of watered-down metal and repetitive themes, Blessed Curse's 'Pray For Armageddon' comes across as a thirst-quenching gulp of brimstone straight from the chalice of hell.

From the moment 'P.F.A' kicks in, it's evident that the band is not here to make compromises. The tumultuous beats, aggressive guitars, and ferocious vocals merge to create a sonic experience that pushes boundaries. In a modern era of short attention spans, the track's sub-four-minute runtime ensures that it grabs listeners by the jugular and doesn't let go.

'Beheader' and 'Subspecies' further entrench the album's malevolent themes, juxtaposing frantic rhythms with moments of brooding darkness, while 'Lock Me Up' offers a crushing lament on confinement, whether real or imagined.

The album's middle sees no sign of relenting, with 'Skinned Alive' and 'Street Freaks' serving as a mosh-worthy reminder of the sheer visceral power of thrash. 'Into the Dark', on the other hand, offers a more nuanced, atmospheric take on the genre, proving that Blessed Curse isn't a one-trick pony.

'Aftermath' serves as an eerie breather, a calm after a storm, but it's short-lived, as 'Graveyard World' rises from the dead to inflict more aural damage. By the time 'Throne of Bones' rolls in, it feels like the culmination of an unholy ritual, wrapping up the album with the gravitas it deserves.

Sonically, the album benefits hugely from the steady hands of Joe Johnston. Pus Cavern Studios have always been a hotbed for nuanced, rich soundscapes, and this record is no exception. Every snarl, every drum beat, and every guitar riff feels meticulously crafted and placed.

Visually, Marc Sasso’s artwork aptly captures the album's overarching theme of apocalyptic chaos. In many ways, it harks back to the golden era of thrash, where the artwork was as much a statement as the music itself.

However, what makes 'Pray For Armageddon' truly stand out is its narrative ambition. The concept of a world consumed by sin and awaiting divine punishment is a rich tapestry upon which to weave a collection of songs. Blessed Curse doesn't just sing about the end of the world; they paint it in vivid, blood-red strokes.

'Pray For Armageddon' is not just another metal album; it's a brutal, unflinching look into the abyss. For those who find solace in the dark recesses of thrash and metal, this is an offering that demands to be heard. All hail Blessed Curse, the new torchbearers of apocalyptic metal.

Album Drops Oct 13th 2023 Pre-Order the Album on BANDCAMP


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