"6" by Graveyard (Album Review)


In an era swamped with transient sonic experiences, Graveyard stands as a beacon of timeless rock’n’roll. Their latest offering, “6”, is as enduring and authentic as an old-school leather jacket, oozing the quintessential essence of rock, psychedelia, and the blues that marked their inception back in 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The unmistakable voice of Joakim Nilsson leads us through this labyrinth of soundscapes, with each track embodying a unique reflection of the world post-global sickness. Right from the opening chords of “Godnatt”, it is evident that this is a Graveyard album, but one that explores a more contemplative, introspective facet of the band’s personality.

Delving into the essence of “6”, one cannot help but notice the maturity that Graveyard brings to the table. The album unravels like a well-aged whiskey – slower, richer, with depth that resonates with the melancholy aftermath of a tumultuous era. It’s a divergence from their earlier work, but in the subtle shift of tones and themes, Graveyard uncovers a goldmine of artistic expression.

Tracks like “I Follow You” and “Breathe In Breathe Out” are masterclasses in controlled exuberance. They breathe, they pulse, they ebb, and they flow, mirroring the duality of life and music. Nilsson’s voice cuts through the air, a siren in the night, weaving tales of desolation and hope, with the guitar riffs igniting the sonic landscape like flashes of lightning in a stormy sky.

The track “Sad Song” epitomizes the blend of melancholy and euphoria that defines the album. It’s a testament to Graveyard’s mastery of their craft, demonstrating their ability to straddle the line between shadow and light, crafting music that is both reflective and invigorating.

“Just A Drop” and “Bright Lights” serve as reminders of Graveyard’s roots in hard rock and blues. The riffs are electrifying, the beats are pulsating, and the harmonies are a melodic dance of darkness and light. It’s a ride through the raw, untamed landscapes of rock’n’roll, with Graveyard at the helm, guiding us through the turbulent, yet exhilarating journey.

“6” is a canvas painted with the fragile, yet enduring spirit of humanity. It’s a mirror reflecting the vulnerability and resilience that define our existence. Graveyard, operating on instinct alone, have crafted an album that is a testament to the transformative power of music. The final tracks, “No Way Out” and “Rampant Fields”, encapsulate the essence of the album – a symphony of survival, a melody of metamorphosis.

In conclusion, “6” is not just another album; it’s a narrative, a journey, a reflection of the world through the eyes of Graveyard. It’s darker, it’s more introspective, but within its shadows, it sparkles with moments of riff-driven euphoria, marking it as a brutal testament to the enduring spirit of rock’n’roll.

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